Foundational Backlinks Standard


300+ White Hat Foundational Backlinks

  • DA 50+ Diversified Natural
  • Dofollow Backlinks

Foundational backlinks are pivotal to establishing, building,  and maintaining off-site authority signals to drive better rankings, results, and performance in Google.

As the core of any website’s backlink profile, foundational backlinks serve as an essential base for gaining credibility, traction, and authority online while continuing to propel websites and brands forward in the ever-changing search landscape.

More foundational backlinks may benefit websites faster, and regularly refreshing a website’s foundational backlinks can be an incredibly savvy strategy for any marketing department, SEO professional, or company.

Do I Need Foundational Backlinks?

Yes! No matter what type of website you’re building, running, or growing, quality foundational backlinks are one key component to better rankings, more traffic, and next-level results. Specifically, foundational backlinks can be ideal for:

  • Brand-new websites
  • Relaunched & redesigned websites
  • Product launches
  • Gaining traction with new keywords
  • Outpacing competitors

Why the Standard Package for Foundational Backlinks?

The standard package for foundational backlinks delivers a sizeable dose of high-quality backlinks that can jumpstart, solidify, or build up any website’s backlink profile.

As a high-value option for sites in more competitive spaces, our standard foundational backlinks package can be ideal for those who need a more aggressive link building solution to:

  • Diversify backlink profiles while making them more robust
  • Start ranking for new sets of keywords or new queries
  • Achieve better rankings in various search engines
  • Attract more traffic from different corners of the internet
  • Support a more aggressive link building strategy

Next in Your Backlink Acquisition Journey

After you buy foundational backlinks, next, you’ll want to acquire:

Did You Know?

If you’re still questioning your backlink buy, remember:

  1. Every website needs foundational backlinks to rank on Google.
  2. The #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions #2 to #10. In other words, your site won’t be able to even compete with the top sites in SERPs if it doesn’t have enough quality backlinks.


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